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Marianna Soroka

October 21, 2020

Percussionist Marianna Soroka talks about four different pieces that helped shape her life, sharing the stage with live horses in a 90’s Polish opera house, and the history of the frame drum. 


Useful links:

Spotify playlist for Marianna’s pieces

Spotify playlist for main pieces 

Spotify playlist for final question pieces 


Other useful links:

Modest Mussorgsky 

Boris Godunov full opera on Youtube: Acts I and II , Acts III and IV

Early Russian Orthodox choral singing 

Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Bogoroditse Devo (the choir piece Emma sang in youth choir where everyone took sneaky breaths to keep the phrase going forever) 

Buddy Rich 

Live video of Buddy Rich playing (so you can see his “driving” way of playing the drums)  

Leszek Możdżer 

Frame drums 

Percussionist Zohar Fresco playing frame drums in their traditional Arabic setting 

Portuguese square frame drum 

Bodhran (Irish frame drum) 

Steve Reich  

Short documentary on Steve Reich talking about his music 

Reich’s Clapping Music 


Support Marianna:

Website: mariannasoroka.com 

Instagram: marianna_soroka  


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